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KC’s most unusual, but tasty, ice cream flavors include saffron and ghost peppers

Glace Artisan Ice Cream is known for such unique flavors as Earl Grey Sriracha and Organic Rose Petal With Spanish Saffron.
Glace Artisan Ice Cream is known for such unique flavors as Earl Grey Sriracha and Organic Rose Petal With Spanish Saffron.

No other Kansas City area ice cream shops have mixed together a barbecue flavor, but they have plenty of unusual offerings to try:

Glace Artisan Ice Cream

Christopher Elbow of Christopher Elbow Chocolates is a chocolatier known for unique flavor combinations. And during what he refers to as “ice cream season,” he transfers his flavor focus to Glace Artisan Ice Cream at 4960 Main St.

You’ll find plenty of fans for his Goat Cheese Sweet Cherry Cream, while another faction eagerly awaits his very limited seasonal Sweet Corn flavor. Recently, I checked in to try Organic Rose Petal With Spanish Saffron, a delicate flavor combination that tastes soft and fragrant, and the Earl Grey Sriracha, a fascinating flavor combination that felt like umami on the tongue.

Also in the case recently: Boulevard Early Riser Coffee Porter, Spiced Carrot, Cucumber Mint, Moroccan Mint & Honey and Toasted Coconut & Mango.

Cirque du Sucre

cirque du sucre
Cirque du Sucre is pastry chef Natasha Goellner’s “Circus of Sugar” food truck. The menu features a rotating roster of unique ice cream flavors. Jill Toyoshiba

Natasha Goellner of Natasha’s Mulberry & Mott made her name as a baker and extravagant cake maker, but last year she moved from a brick-and-mortar retail shop to a food truck she dubbed Cirque du Sucre, or “Circus of Sugar.”

Unusual flavors include Sweet Pea With Mint, Cucumber Raspberry Swirl, Sweet Potato, Basil, Avocado and Black Sesame.

You may also see her ice creams at the Antler Room, where I sampled an Indian-style kulfi, a denser and creamier version of ice cream, strewn with crushed pistachios, edible flowers and orange blossom yogurt. A strawberry kulfi with cardamom, pistachio and yogurt is currently listed on the menu.

Poppy’s Ice Cream & Coffee House

Poppy’s is owned by Teresa Poppinga, at 307 S.E. Douglas St. in Lee’s Summit’s historic downtown. Poppy’s also has a food truck.

The shop’s ice creams have become a feature on a diverse array of restaurant menus across the city, including Aixois, Cafe Sebastienne, the Well and Summit Hickory Pit BBQ.

Flavors rotate quickly, but two unsual flavor finds I sampled included Candied Ginger (a vanilla base studded with bits of chewy, spicy ginger) and Dirty Mocha Chai (an Indian spice mixure).

Westport Ice Cream Bakery

westport flavors
Westport Ice Cream Bakery tells its customers to “think outside the box.” The Pandan (a tropical fruit popular in Southeast Asia) and Ube (purple sweet potato) are two examples of pushing flavor boundaries. Jill Wendholt Silva

Westport Ice Cream Bakery, 4120 Pennsylvania Ave. Suite 14, has taken over the former Murray’s Ice Cream location. On a recent visit, customers were asked to “think outside the box” when considering their choice of flavors.

Unusual scoops include Pandan (an exotic fruit from Southeast Asia that has vanilla and coconut overtones), Jackfruit (another tropical fruit that has shown up in savory barbecue preparations around Kansas City), Ube (a purple sweet potato popular in Filipino cuisine that stained my plastic spoon a rich hue of purple) and Ghost Pepper Hot Chocolate (more of a cinnamon-cayenne pepper than fiercely fiery).

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