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Sorry, waffle fry lovers: McDonald’s only serving them in Canada

Waffle fries ... at McDonald’s ... but only in Canada. Darn.
Waffle fries ... at McDonald’s ... but only in Canada. Darn. McDonald’s Canada

Wait a second. Those don’t look like McDonald’s French fries.

Those look like … waffle fries, like the ones at Chick-fil-A.

McDonald’s customers in Canada are doing a double-take this holiday season as the fast-food restaurant serves up waffle fries, for a limited time.

Canadians are lovin’ it.

And Americans are a wee bit jealous.

Brand Eating reports that the waffle fries are part of the McDonald’s Canada holiday menu this season.

Also on the limited-time menu: a burger topped with a hash brown patty and bacon, and a peppermint mocha served with crushed candy canes.

McDonald’s spokesman Adam Grachnik told USA Today that the waffle fries and the holiday menu are available at most of the 1,400 McDonald’s outlets in Canada until the end of the year. (Or until the waffle fries run out.)

He wouldn’t say whether the fries would be served in the United States. But word on the street suggests they won’t.

“Though the peppermint mocha drink will eventually make its way stateside, there are sadly no plans as of yet to bring waffle fries to the U.S.” reports Money.

“The addition of waffle fries comes in the wake of several other twists to the chain’s fried food menu in the U.S., including Gilroy garlic fries and fried cheese bites.”