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Pop-up waffle shop serving up some tasty treats around the KC area

The spiced poached pear waffle had a drizzle of lemon curd that brightened the flavor of the spiced pears.]
The spiced poached pear waffle had a drizzle of lemon curd that brightened the flavor of the spiced pears.] The Electrified Cooks,

Creativity and great flavor pop up when least expected!

That’s the beauty of a pop-up restaurant. Think of a food truck — without the truck. According to the National Restaurant Association, pop-up restaurants are a hot trend for 2016.

The Waffle Iron is the name of a pop-up waffle bar, and it serves great-tasting waffles with fun toppings. Also true to form, you have to follow them closely so you don’t miss out.

I recently caught up with them and was delighted by the crisp waffles and the innovative toppings. Sure, you could choose syrup and butter, but don’t stop there. My husband couldn’t pass up the cookie butter and banana brûlée. I had a hard time choosing between the spiced poached pears and the black raspberry with coriander cream. I chose the spiced poached pears and was not sorry for it also had a lemon curd drizzle.

Sam Donnell is the man behind The Waffle Iron and this tasty pop-up restaurant frequents coffee shops and restaurants. Often his stops are in Lawrence, his home town, but occasionally he will pop up across the Kansas City metro. I caught up with him at a Lee’s Summit coffee shop, and it did not disappoint.

Flavor, aroma, sights and sounds came together to make an enjoyable experience. The sweet aroma of cooking waffles wafted through the shop and mingled with the fresh, brewed coffee. Suddenly the sound of a torch broke through the quiet conversation, but that was OK since the torch was used to caramelize the waffles and the bananas.

Sam speaks passionately about his research on waffles. He makes his own flour blend and then, on location, he adds beaten egg whites and buttermilk. The result is a delightfully crisp waffle—crisp outside with well-defined wells, which is the way a waffle should be.

The delicious sauces and fruits on top of those waffles transform the humble waffle into a feast! While the exact toppings may vary by the day, look forward to treats such as fresh fruit with a spicy cinnamon sauce, lemon curd, cookie butter, whipped cream, caramelized bananas, berries and herbs.

A successful pop up restaurant is portable and that is true of The Waffle Iron. Follow The Waffle Iron on Facebook or Instagram. Note the location, date and hours carefully and plan your day around it. It is a treat you won’t regret.

Kathy Moore is one of two cookbook authors and food consultants that make up The Electrified Cooks. Her most recent cookbook is Delicious Dump Cakes. Other recent books include Slow Cooker Desserts, Oh So Easy, Oh So Delicious and The Newlywed Cookbook: Cooking Happily Ever After. She develops the recipes for the “Eating for Life” column for The Kansas City Star and is a member of Les Dames d'Escoffier. She blogs at