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Soft Gose Washed Willoughby cheese perfect with a crusty loaf of bread

Gose Washed Willoughby from Vermont
Gose Washed Willoughby from Vermont

October is American Cheese Month. The American Cheese Society says, “American Cheese Month is a celebration of North America’s delicious and diverse cheeses, and the farmers, cheesemakers, retailers, cheesemongers and chefs who bring them to your table.”

So I thought I would bring a different cheese to Chow Town readers every day in October. Stay tuned to see what delicious cheeses North America has to offer! There are sure to be some classic favorites and new must-haves that will suit everyone’s tastes.

Gose Washed Willoughby

Producer: Jasper Hill Farms

Place: Greensboro Bend, Vt.

Milk: Cow

Type: Washed rind

Willoughby is not usually washed with beer but as a collaboration with Lost Nation Brewery, Jasper Hill released a special addition. Gose (Pronounced Go-za) is a lesser-known German style beer that is made with Coriander and lactic bacteria. This gives the beer an acidic tang close to that of citrus fruit.

The smell of Willoughby is funky, but not too off-putting for someone who doesn’t have too much experience with washed rind cheese. I think the beer comes through subtly in the flavor of the cheese if you eat its soft, thin rind. The buttery and meaty flavors get a little lift from the citrusy beer it is washed in.

When ripe, the inside begins to run after you cut into the cheese, making it perfect for a nice crusty loaf of bread. From what I’ve heard, Jasper Hill is looking to use Willoughby as its cheese canvas and wash it with other local beers.

Lincoln Broadbooks loves cheese. He is one of the first cheesemongers in the United States and Canada to become an American Cheese Society certified cheese professional. He is the manager and buyer for The Better Cheddar in Prairie Village. You can find him on Twitter @LincolnBbooks and on Instagram @lincycheese.