End-of-summer guide to clean rugs

The kids have been around the house a little longer than usual each day the past few months, so there was increased opportunity for things to get messier.

Derek Niederquell of 1-800 Water Damage — a national company in property restoration specializing in water, fire and carpet cleaning — offers tips for keeping your rugs in good shape.

▪ Let’s start with chewing gum in a plush carpet.

Niederquell suggests applying a bag of ice directly over the affected area and allowing the gum to completely freeze. Once that has occurred, peel off the frozen substance using your hands or a dull butter knife.

▪ For Gatorade or soda, even red wine, blot the stain using cold water and a clean white cloth.

Once that has been done, apply a generous amount of salt to draw out the stain’s moisture and let it stand for a few hours. Afterward, discard the salt and vacuum the carpet.

▪ For grass, vacuum up dry particles, then apply a detergent solution composed of warm water and dish soap.

Let this treatment stand for five minutes and blot the rug dry with a clean cloth.

▪ Got muddy carpets? Let the mud dry, then vacuum up as much of it as possible. Then apply a mixture of warm water and vinegar using a clean white cloth, and blot it until all the liquid has been absorbed.

A tankless saga

I’ve been running reader experiences with tankless water heaters.

Here’s a quick one from Donald Linzey of Blacksburg, Va., who says he has had a tankless unit for six years:

“We already had a propane tank, so the hookup was simple. Our kitchen sink, almost directly above the unit in our basement, has hot water in less than 30 seconds.”