Pot fillers are useful kitchen luxuries

I’m in the middle of my one and only kitchen remodel, and I’m pulling out all the stops. Since I want to go over-the-top on this job, I recently looked into installing a pot filler next to my stove. I’m on the fence. What can you tell me about installing a pot filler?

A pot filler is basically a faucet that swings out over a stovetop to fill a pot with water. So, when you say go “over-the-top” on this job, you’re not kidding.

First, follow your local codes for pot-filler approval and installation requirements.

Next, as you can imagine, having the ability to fill pots right on the stovetop can be a helpful addition to any kitchen. However, in most cases pot fillers are used in professional-grade kitchens and can be found in one of two basic styles, wall-mounted or deck-mounted.

The wall-mount style can leave extra counter space, while the deck-mount style may be easier for a plumber to install. Both types of fixtures are raised up high and have extended faucet spouts that swing out about 20 inches.

No sink is usually needed since the pot collects the water. Also, pot fillers use cold water only and can have a higher water flow rate for faster pot filling.

Final tip: This is a high-end item. Get your prices up front to make sure that easier pot filling won’t turn you into a panhandler.

Master Contractor/Plumber Ed Del Grande is a master contractor, plumber and author of “Ed Del Grande’s House Call.”