The Food Issue

Table Ocho invites eight diners to feast and fun

Craig Adcock Table Ocho

, his own supremely casual twist on the chef’s table.

At Table Ocho, the conversation is at least as important as the food. The meals are designed for eight friends, several couples or a mix-and-match group of strangers. “It’s a lot like being at our house when we’re entertaining. People wander around. Sometimes they like to help cook. My only rule is play nice or leave,” Adcock says.

On a recent Saturday night, Adcock and his wife, Teresa Erb, hosted several former JJ’s restaurant staffers, a scuba instructor, a car finance executive, a povitica mogul and his wife. The mix-and-match group came together around two Formica tables for “Surf Turf,” a $70 per person feast that included two types of grilled oysters, risotto with butternut squash, grilled heads-on shrimp and some of the most gargantuan 30-day dry-aged porterhouse steaks this side of Bedrock.

Themes, days of the week and prices fluctuate, but dinners are always served from Adcock’s fully licensed production kitchen in Old Town Lenexa.