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My.Big.Fat.Bundt: Trish Minton unleashes her baking soul on Instagram

One of Trish Minton's Instagram images
One of Trish Minton's Instagram images

In a world that tweets incessantly about the next big Cronut, Kansas City’s Trish Minton pledges allegiance to the old-fashioned Bundt cake.

A self-trained pastry chef who has worked stints at Green Acres Market and Cooper’s Hawk Winery, Minton is the personality behind the Instagram account she calls My.Big.Fat.Bundt. The name is a reference to the hilarious culture clash involving a Bundt in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” a scene easy to pull up on YouTube.

Minton initially turned to social media to get feedback, something she wasn’t getting from customers in a restaurant setting. These days she is freelance baking and continues to post photos of her recent creations, many bearing the hashtag #vegan and #glutenfree.


ALL the #Nutella-swirl mini bundts! #MyBigFatBundt #PastryChef #TrueCooks #CustomOrder #THANKYOU!!

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If she ever started a bakery of her own, Minton would feature baby Bundts, or what she refers to as “New Age cupcakes.” When asked for tips on how to keep the Bundt from sticking to the pan, she replied, “Hose it down with Baker’s Joy.” Suffice to say, My.Big.Fat.Bundt has its slightly edgy moments, “but that’s who I am.”

We like Minton’s freewheeling attitude and the occasional photo of her own heady mane of spiral curls, which remind us of “Wedding” star Nia Vardalos’ unruly locks.


My every day struggle. #TacoTuesday #TheStruggleIsReal #AlwaysHungry

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