Eating for Life

Eating For Life | A good-for-you gourmet burger

Editor’s note: This column was originally published June 11, 2008.

Does anybody really need two all-beef patties?

Portion-conscious carnivores might want to consider swapping the second slab for a soul-satisfying slice of earthy portabella mushroom featured in The Star’s

Beef and ’Bella Burger


Introduced to consumers in the ’80s, portabellas were a clever marketing ploy to sell overgrown cremini. But the meaty mushrooms continue to grow in popularity because of their pleasing flavor, one scientists describe as “umami,” a fifth element of taste.

Mushrooms have long been used to boost the immune system, but scientists have discovered they contain selenium, which helps protect against prostate cancer. As one of the few vegetable sources of protein, they contain some antioxidants not found in other produce.

To top it all off, our gourmet burger features the luxurious tang of goat’s milk cheese and a whole-wheat bun.

• Storage tip:

Mushrooms keep for up to a week in the refrigerator. Keep in the original packaging or a paper sack until ready to use. Never wash mushrooms; clean with a soft brush or wipe with damp paper towel just before using.

Beef and ’Bella Burgers