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Eating for Life | Skip the drive-thru and make street tacos at home

Street tacos are the white-hot trend of the moment.

“In an increasingly fast-paced world, a taco is the quintessential food on the go,” Shelley Wiseman writes in the introduction of her just-released cookbook, “Just Tacos” (Taunton Press, $19.95). “Essentially anything can be enclosed in a tortilla.”

Meat is always a popular filling. But potatoes — known in Spanish as


s — also get their due in Mexico. For instance, Wiseman’s book contains recipes for potato and chorizo as well as potato and Swiss chard fillings.

The Star’s

Chile Verde Potato Soft Tacos

takes its inspiration from the authentic street versions. We combine tender chunks of Yukon potatoes, peppers, onions and black beans, topped with your favorite brand of store-bought salsa verde and wrapped in 6-inch whole-wheat tortillas.

Boiled waxy Yukon potatoes are a smart nutrition choice because they have less starch than a russet or long white potato. Leaving the skin on adds extra fiber, for a total of 8 grams per serving. The savory wraps also get a sprinkling of authentic queso fresco, a soft Mexican cheese made from skim cow’s milk.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Taco Bell recently introduced an Americanized version of a potato taco. The Crispy Potato Soft Taco Facebook page has its fans, but the potato “bites” are not exactly diet fare. They contain 13 grams of fat and heap on 520 milligrams sodium.

But there’s really no comparison in nutritional value. A home-style version means a larger serving with only half the fat, nearly half the sodium and triple the dietary fiber.

• Shopping tips:

Look for queso fresco in the cheese aisle.

Fingerling potatoes are shaped like, well, fingers.