Eating for Life

Web resources for adults

Healthful eating and activity tips for adults are only a click away. - The American Dietetic Association offers healthful eating tips, articles and referrals to a dietitian in your area. The ADA also keeps its journal articles in an online archive. - The USDA's Healthy Eating Index allows you to key in what you eat in a day for up to 20 days. The site also lists the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2000 and offers recipes and tips for healthy, thrifty meals. - The USDA Food Guide Pyramids are available in downloadable form. Print one out and tack it up on the refrigerator for future reference. - Data, statistics, publications and programs are available on the Centers for Disease Control sites. The Nutrition and Physical activity pages offer a primer on how to get started on physical activity, an important component of a healthy diet. - A color wheel shows how certain phytochemicals fight cancer, heart disease and the effects of aging by consuming more fruits and vegetables. Recipes and tips are included.