Eating for Life

Food for the young should be fun

Make funny faces

It might feel gimmicky, but kids love the way things look. Use cookie cutters to make fun shapes. Use contrasting vegetables for color. Layer granola and yogurt in parfait cups. Serve fruit as kebabs.

Hire a mini chef

Kids love to help make food, and they're always more likely to eat what they make themselves. Even preschoolers can help measure and get ingredients from the pantry.

Pack a picnic in the park

Pack a healthy lunch and head for the great outdoors. Run and play with your children.

Pick a theme

Plan meals with a specific theme, decorations and menu. Wear a lei, call it a luau and serve kebabs, rice and fruit. Serve tapas and practice saying "hello" and counting in Spanish. A sports-themed lunch might include "energy" foods such as hummus, fruits, vegetables and plenty of water.

Play games

Plan meal-time games that encourage good eating. For a month, plan to taste one food that begins with each letter of the alphabet from apples to zucchini.