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Hot dog! A taste of Chicago in Lenexa

Chicago-style dogs: We got ’em.

Still looking for a Chicago-style hot dog in Kansas City? Well, we’re happy to report that we found one, folks.

After we ran a cover story last week about how we couldn’t find a Chicago-style dog in the metro, more than 100 fans of the

Pizza Man

in Lenexa called or e-mailed or otherwise got in our face about it.

And we’re here to tell you that if you’re looking for a genuine Chicago-style hot dog, get your butt over to 10212 Pflumm Road. From the all-beef wiener to the sport peppers and poppy seed bun, this is the real deal, people. All Vienna products.

Is it the only Chicago-style dog in town? Apparently not. From the pile of responses, we compiled a short list of places rumored to serve the delectable red hot.

We’ll check them all out in due time, and you can do the same. Here they are:

Another place with “pizza” in its name,

Rosati’s Pizza

at 103rd Street and Wornall Road, has Vienna hot dogs as well as several enthusiastic fans. Rosati’s has other locations in the area, too.

There’s a joint called

River Dogs Cirque d’Alex


A couple of carts outside of

Lowe’s Custard’s Last Stand Twisters

at 135th Street and Antioch Road.

Charlie Hooper’s Werner’s

smoking-Saturday event on Johnson Drive in Mission.

Kansas City might not have a hot dog joint on every corner, as in the Windy City, but you can find a Chicago-style dog if you look hard enough and if you’re willing to drive. Small price to pay, in our book.