Morgan would like a family with lots of animals, electronics — and a mom and dad

Morgan Submitted photo

Morgan, 15, is a creative girl who loves receiving one-on-one attention from caring adults. She finds great joy in animals, especially cats and dogs, and loves to interact with them and care for them. She also enjoys arts and crafts, swimming, playing with her baby dolls, and building with Legos.

Morgan is working to develop life skills. She receives support in learning these tasks through her school program as well as through other adults in her life. She has made great strides in acquiring skills both at school and at home. For instance, she gets along very well with younger children and enjoys playing games. Also, she is pretty good at spelling.

Morgan will continue to need a family that can assist her in expanding on these skills as she grows older. Morgan would likely respond well to a highly nurturing family that is able to be direct, firm and consistent. Adoptive parents that have a well-structured home environment, a consistent daily routine, clear expectations and limits, and logical consequences would be best for Morgan. Having a good repertoire of behavioral tools and strategies will likely prove to be very useful in helping Morgan realize her full potential. Morgan has expressed she would like a family with lots of animals, electronics, and a mom and dad.

To learn more about Morgan, call Adopt Kansas Kids at 877-457-5430 or send an email to Her case number is CH-5986.