A sweet and helpful young man, David needs a family that will always be there for him

Rojelio Submitted photo

Rojelio, who likes to be called David, needs a forever family that will be there for him always. He is a very sweet young man who likes to be helpful. David, 15, loves movies, bike rides, video games and being outside. His favorite class is cooking, because he enjoys learning to make different things. He’s most proud of going to a soccer practice and learning that he really likes the game.

Overall, David is very easy to get along with. He tends to get along best with children who are younger than him. David loves being part of a family. He would like a patient, loving family that can provide him with lots of understanding as well as structure.

To learn more about David, call Adopt Kansas Kids at 877-457-5430 or send an email to His case number is CH-5860.