Sisters La’Nya and Nichole want a family that will love them and keep them together

La’Nya and Nichole
La’Nya and Nichole Submitted photo

Two amazing sisters — La’Nya and Nichole — want a family that will adopt them together.

La’Nya, 12, is good at dancing and being creative. She loves to draw and do arts and crafts. In school La’Nya’s favorite class is art because of her love of being creative. When she grows up she wants to be a dancer. La’Nya is proud of her cheerleading and dancing skills. She is very bonded with her sister and it is important to her that they remain together. A patient family that could offer understanding would be ideal for her.

Nichole, 9, also is good at cheerleading and dancing. Like her sister she enjoys drawing and doing arts and crafts. In school her favorite class is art. When she grows up she wants to be an artist or dancer. Nichole is proud of her ability to work hard and do well in cheerleading and dancing. She loves her sister and feels safe with her so it is important that she remain with her. Nichole is very friendly with her peers and generally polite and quiet around adults.

Both children would benefit from a strong family that could provide a lot of structure and attention to each of them. Most of all they want a family that would love them and always be there for them.

To learn more about La’Nya and Nichole, call Adopt Kansas Kids at 877-457-5430 or send an email to Their case numbers are: La’Nya, CH-7202; Nichole, CH-7203.