Family wanted: Darren, 14, loves playing football and is a leader on his team

Darren Submitted photo

If you need a quarterback to lead your team, then you need Darren, 14. He loves to play football and is a leader on his school’s team. Darren hopes to play someday in the pros. He also likes to play basketball and ride his bike.

In school, Darren enjoys reading and science class the most, especially when the class does experiments. He would do well with a family that could provide structure and guidance. A family that could offer reassurance, understanding and love would be ideal.

Darren has a brother named Kevin whom he would like to be adopted with, but if that’s not possible a family that could help maintain contact between the two would be ideal.

To learn more about Darren, call Adopt Kansas Kids at 877-457-5430 or send an email to His case numbers is CH-7153.