Family wanted: Fun-loving Daniel, 12, loves being active and riding his bike

Daniel Submitted photo

Multitalented and fun-loving, Daniel, 12, is a good friend to have. He is described as someone who doesn’t mind compromising to reach an agreement. Daniel loves being active and really enjoys riding his bike. He is also interested in motorcycles. In his downtime he likes reading, playing video games and making his own music.

Daniel is proud of working hard in school to improve and reach certain goals for himself. He is a great kid who needs a loving family that will commit to him and help him reach his potential and beyond. A tight-knit family that can provide lots of structure, guidance and support would be ideal.

To learn more about Daniel call Adopt Kansas Kids at 877-457-5430 or send an email to customercare@adoptkskids.og. His case number is CH-7464.