Creative sisters Alina and Kairi hope to one day have a forever family together

Alina and Kairi
Alina and Kairi / Submitted photo

Alina, 11, and Kairi, 8, enjoy creating works of art.

Alina is an adventurous child with a great imagination. She is an avid reader who enjoys mythology, science fiction and fantasy. She enjoys drawing, origami and science, as well as archery, scouting and nature.

Kairi also loves to draw, paint and create. She also enjoys soccer, scouting and swimming.

These sisters hope to one day have a forever family together. Alina and Kairi will benefit from a family that can provide structure, routine and, of course, lots of love. They look forward to spending time laughing and having fun with their adoptive family.

To learn more about adoption visit or call 877-457-5430. The girls’ case numbers are CH-7404 and CH-7405.