Brothers have strong bond, want to be adopted by fun and active family

Shawn Dre and Brennon
Shawn Dre and Brennon Submitted photo

Brothers Shawn Dre, 13, and Brennon, 9, have a lot of fun together and have a strong bond. Together they want to be adopted by a fun and active family.

Shawn Dre has a lot of hobbies, among them reading, fixing things and playing video games. He also enjoys music and plays the baritone in band class. When he grows up he wants to be a video game designer or work with computers.

Younger brother Brennon likes to run, swim, bike and play with Legos. In school his favorite time is recess. Brennon considers his biggest strengths in school to be math and reading. When Brennon grows up he wants to be a soldier.

The brothers need a family that can offer structure, support and guidance. To learn more about adoption visit or call 877-457-5430. Shawn Dre & Brennon's case numbers are CH-7353 and CH-7354.