Looking for a family for a lifetime of loving

Billy and Ellen
Billy and Ellen Submitted photo

Billy, 13, and Ellen, 11, want a family that is willing to commit to a lifetime of loving them both.

Older brother Billy enjoys playing tennis, baseball and video games. And "sometimes, I like cleaning." In school, Billy likes science the most. He enjoys helping others and would like to be a police officer when he grows up.

Ellen is friendly and outgoing. She has a huge heart for others, often reaching out to those different than her, and makes friends easily. Ellen enjoys arts and crafts as well as bike rides and playing outside. "I like everything at school because I get to raise my hand and talk," she says. When she grows up Ellen would like to be a doctor.

Both Billy and Ellen need an active, patient family that is willing to support both of them and their individual needs.

To learn more about adoption visit or call 877-457-5430. The children's case numbers are CH-6641 and CH-6642.