Family Wanted: Brothers Kevin and Darren want to stay together

Darren and Kevin
Darren and Kevin

Brothers Kevin and Darren want to be adopted by the same family.

Kevin, 13, is an active boy who enjoys practical jokes and teasing his brother. He likes basketball, swimming, riding bikes and even cooking. Kevin says his favorite classes are science and language arts. He would like to be an engineer, lawyer or social worker when he grows up.

Darren, 12, loves to play football and is a leader on his school’s team. Darren hopes to someday play in the pros. He also likes to play basketball and ride his bike. In school Darren enjoys reading and science class the most, especially when they get to do experiments. He would do well with a family that can provide structure and guidance.

The Star published an appeal from five Kansas siblings who want to be adopted together. That triggered a national outpouring of interest and offers — and a reminder of the number of children who need homes.

A family that can provide both Kevin and Darren reassurance, understanding and love is ideal.

To learn more about adoption, go to or call 877-457-5430. The children’s case numbers are CH-6625 and CH-7153.