FYI Caption Contest | Exploring with Dora

Hey, if you like Dora the Explorer, even if you’re a grown-up and even if you’re a guy, we say: To heck with the haters! Do your thing, man!

Of course, that doesn’t mean the FYI Caption Contest entrants will necessarily be kind to you, but that’s not one of the rules. The only rule is to be funny. So dude, you keep diggin’ Dora, and everyone else, send those captions to

. Put “9/2 caption contest” in the subject line, and be sure to include your name, city and phone number.

Deadline for entries is 11:59 p.m. Friday. The winner scores a $25 gift card.

Look for the winner and runners-up next Friday.


Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man, and that includes those in red velvet suits. As for this week’s winner, it’s

Perhaps it was for superficial reasons, but the Henderson sisters just couldn’t get a date.

(Chris Brower, Lawrence)

RUNNERS-UP You don’t want to see the “after” picture at the barbecue-eating contest.

(Laura Prouty, Shawnee)

In 1970, Jack, Pete and Hank decided not to shave until the Chiefs won the Super Bowl again.

(Jan Brandow, Grandview)

“We’re too sexy for a shave.”

(Shayla Hill, Kansas City)

The Bad News Beards.

(Nicholas Wright, Spring Hill in Johnson County)

Santa’s DNA results were revealed on the Maury show along with his two previously unknown siblings.

(Ross Fields, Kansas City)

Mrs. Mouse to Mr. Mouse: “I found a pre-fab!”

(Kathleen Corn, Gladstone)

“Hi, my name is Larry. This is my brother Darrell and my other brother Darrell.”

(Gretchen Crow, Olathe)

The Missouri Department of Conservation unveils its new strategy to improve squirrel nesting in urban areas.

(Kory Krahl, Westwood)

After entertaining sons Zip and Snip with tales of yore, Rip pauses for a Van Winkle family portrait.

(John Ross, Lansing)

The new winter lineup from Just for Men.

(Sue Brower, Overland Park)

The band Deep Purple on their latest tour promoting the album “Grayscale.”

(James McMillen, Blue Springs)

Witness protection program models reveal the new fall look.

(Bruce Brower, Overland Park)

“Ho! Ho! Ho! Looks like my elves have been taking growth hormones!”

(Nancy Crawford, Independence)

Sneezy, Grumpy and Dopey, the only three surviving dwarfs, at this year’s reunion in Bavaria.

(Mark Killingsworth, Shawnee)

Santa has joined ZZ Top as rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist for their summer tour.

(Ray Less, Olathe)

When Nicholas took the job of Santa, his younger brothers struck out on their own — and ZZ Top was born!

(Linda S. Boyd, Lee’s Summit)

Rip tags the lesser-known Van Winkles, Chip and Dip, on Facebook.

(Terri Henges, Kansas City)

Beards of a feller flock together!

(Darlene Carter, Independence)

1790s retro band Rip Van Winkle gets ready to take the stage.

(Ted Goldt, Overland Park)

The day they took down the “Shave and Haircut, Two Bits” sign.

(Frank McKelvy, Lenexa)

Peter, Paul Harry.

(Donnie Meyer, Brunswick, Mo.)

The rarely seen wives of ZZ Top pose for photographers.

(Anita Reach, Kansas City, Kan.)

The Three Whiskerteers tune up for Christmas.

(Eleanor Waltuch, Leawood)

Hey, who let Santa into the rabbi convention?

(Bob Mobley, Kansas City)

The Claus brothers and their families always celebrate Christmas on Dec. 26 because a certain brother is always working on the 25th.

(Betty Marxsen, Kansas City)

OK, so women go crazy for a sharp-dressed man. Bad news: None of you three fits that description!

(John Cash, Kansas City)

Grumpy, Doc and Bashful finally qualify for the senior discount.

(Denise Ayers, Kansas City)

Santa Claus and two rabbis go into a biker bar

(Kirsten Myers, Kansas City)

“You guys, too? I thought when the bottle said it would grow hair, it meant on my head!”

(Channy Gotfredson, Kansas City)

ZZ Top decides to have one more reunion tour!

(Kristy Nerstheimer, Overland Park)

It was easy to tell which of the brothers was a chimney sweep.

(Charlie Rogers, Overland Park)