Biden vs Palin: A veep shoutout, yo, and more

Who knew “shout-outs” were permissible in something as dignified as a vice presidential debate?

But that’s what some Alaskan third-graders got Thursday night from their governor, GOP veep candidate Sarah Palin.

It got us thinking: If she and Democrat rival Sen. Joe Biden do any more debates — Palin did suggest that possibility — what other examples of youth-culture slang would we hear? Hmmm …

  • Challenging Sen. John McCain’s maverick label, Biden asks Palin, “Girl, why you trippin’?”

  • Palin refers to her diverse family as her “peeps.”

  • When they meet again Biden asks Palin, “Is it OK if I call you Shorty?”

  • Palin boasts about her “tight” energy independence plan.

  • Biden spontaneously shouts, “Holla!”

  • Palin gets misty telling a story about her “boo,” husband Todd.

  • Biden recounts what he said when Sen. Barack Obama asked him to be his running mate: “I’d be down with that.”

  • Palin dismisses her critics as being “all up in my bidness.”

  • Both candidates declare the concept of same-sex marriage “totally gay.”

    Hey, we’d watch that debate.

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