Stephenie Meyer, will your Midnight Sun ever rise?; Please, please finish your Twilight saga

Midnight Sun

on the Internet.

This was her little writing exercise that was evolving into a novel, telling the story of her megahit


through the gorgeous golden eyes of vampire heartthrob Edward Cullen.

Thievery! We refused to so much as peek, even when Meyer reluctantly decided to fight back and post the rough, incomplete story on her own site,

But we could hold out for only so long. Sorry, Stephenie, but this is a must-read for any self-respecting

Twilight Midnight Sun

to get into character, after all.

Here’s some of what we learned:


Besides Bella’s alluring scent, Edward is drawn to this human for her bravery, maturity, selflessness, kindness, incredible skin and “eyes like melted chocolate,” even before she falls for him.

Major self-confidence issues:

He has no clue any girl could even like him. His cold hands must be repellent. His perfect smile must be terrifying. His whole persona must seem sinister.

That’s true, sort of:

Edward was just too intense for most mere humans; he didn’t soften up until he was courting Bella. So the whole chick magnet thing is new for him.

Most humans are so pitiful:

Since Edward can read pretty much everyone’s mind, we learn more about two-faced Jessica, shallow Mike, annoying Tyler and other characters populating Forks, Wash.

But — big sigh — the manuscript is just 264 pages and stops right before the fantastic glittering meadow scene halfway into



“I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working on

Midnight Sun

, and so it is on hold indefinitely,” Meyer wrote on her site.

Nooooo! Maybe we can use the power of the press to change her mind and get Edward’s version completed and into bookstores where it belongs. Hey, it’s been almost a month now since her depressing announcement.

You know, send a little

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