The Star’s 29-Second Film Fest winners

'Canine Clarity'
'Canine Clarity'

For a first-time, online film festival we had many successes and a few growing pains. But tech hassles aside (how about that HDTV ad?), nearly 70 films managed to make it through the hoops and onto computer screens far and wide. Each was a 29-second, homemade achievement, and all had a certain added value as momentary entertainments.

Clearly all were winners -- if only in the filmmakers’ minds.

But choices must be made in life, and now we make ours. Readers, voting online, have also made theirs. One of our favorites also made the Readers Choice top-five list. A second one would’ve made it if not for some wild weekend balloting reminiscent of a fast-closing eBay auction.

At press time our awards department was still rounding up swag bags commensurate with the spirit of the contest. Winners, don’t call us, we’ll be in touch with you.

Garage Band drumroll, please.


Best drama:

"Canine Clarity"

"Joe Gleason’s existential portrait of man and dog might not have been the best film of the bunch, but it had a Zenlike vision, an edgy style and genuine emotional content. Gleason, too, has video creds as a second-generation operator of his family’s video production business in Gladstone.

" ‘Canine Clarity’ started as a dream I had," Gleason said. "In the dream a dog was talking to me, and it seemed completely normal." Gleason credits his crew, including Steve Bush and D.L. Gleason along with co-star Gabbi, a friend’s dog and "a fantastic animal."

Watch "Canine Clairy"