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The Great Outlaw Killed at His Home in St. Joseph at Eight O'Clock Yesterday Morning.

Bob Ford, a Mere Youth, Who Lived With Him and Watched His Opportunity Does the Deed.

Stealing Behind Him While He is Unconsciously at Work, He Puts a Bullet Through His Brain,

And Joining His Brother Goes in Search of Officers Exulting and Boasting of the Bloody Deed.

Pausing to Listen a Moment to the Denunciation and Curses of the Wife of His Victim.

Tremendous Excitement of the Citizens at the Announcement that the Outlaw Had Lived Among Them.

The House Besieged by Hundreds, All Anxious to See the Dead Bandit and His Plucky Wife.

Mrs. James at First Denies Her Identity but Subsequently Confesses and Extols Her Husband.

A Talk With the Fords---Who They Are, Where They are from and What Was the Motive in the Killing.

Mrs. Samuels Interviewed --- Her Desire to Sell Her Views --- Her Pathetic Grief at her Bereavement.

The News in Kansas City --- Interviews With Prominent Officials --- The Direct Approach to the Tragedy.

Complete History of the James Boys --- Their Exploits and Prowess --- Honor to Whom Honor Is Due.