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DATE OF EVENT: Thursday, Nov. 24, 1927

DATE PUBLISHED: Friday, Nov. 25, 1927, in The Kansas City Times

Editor’s note: The Pla-Mor ballroom opened on Thanksgiving 1927, and more than 4,000 people came to look, listen and dance. The Pla-Mor would be the host for jazz and dancing for almost 30 years. After World War II, though, the rise of television and home entertainment would reduce the crowds. It would close in 1957.

The Pla-Mor ball room opened formally last night with public approval attested in an audience of 4,100.

More than 500 couples glided over the floor with the first strains of the Jean Goldkette orchestra at 9 o’clock. Until the closing hour, midnight, the floor was crowded with dancers. The ball room floor has a capacity of 3,000. The ball room is at Main and Spring streets.

A few went merely to see, and most of these surrendered to the swaying melodies Myron Schulz waved out of his 16-piece orchestra. More than 3,500 of the visitors danced, the management estimated.

For those who went merely to see, there was magnificence for the eye.

Entrance was under a brilliant electric sign. Once past the door, wall decorations of freehand painting attracted attention. Rich carpet gave an impression of luxuriousness. Up a flight of steps and down a hall past the women’s cloak room the eye followed vivid hunting and jungle scenes of the modern motif. Velour tapestries were admired particularly by the women. In the two women‘s rest rooms imported Italian furniture was another feature

The ball room and mezzanine were decorated in a more strictly patterned manner. Here the lighting brilliance demanded the first and lasting attention. Ceiling fixtures of beaded glass chains suspended bowl-shaped, with variable colors glowing through them, vied with tinted lamps casting full and toned colors across the floor from the walls.

The refreshment service fountains are in harmony with the decorative scheme.

The sixteen Victor recording artists of the orchestra were on a semi-circular stage jutting from the west wall into the room. A silver-spangled curtain hung behind them. …