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DATE OF EVENT: Tuesday, Feb. 9, 1886

DATE PUBLISHED: Wednesday, Feb. 10, 1886, in The Kansas City Star

Editor’s note: Kansas City’s first major league baseball team, the Cowboys, was formed in February 1886. During their trial season in the National League, they lost 90 of their 121 games and were dropped from the league in November of the same year.

At a meeting of the western committee of the National league, held at Chicago yesterday the question of admitting Kansas City to the league was discussed and definitely acted upon. Milwaukee sent representatives to the meeting, but the committee favored the claims of Kansas City and voted to admit its club to the league. The fact that Kansas City is one of the best ball cities in the country was well understood by the committee when the question of admitting it to the league was voted upon.

The parties to whom the franchise was granted will have to organize a stock company with a capital of $25,000. Steps will at once be taken to incorporate the company, after which players will be secured. The league managers promise that Kansas City shall be furnished a team that will hold its own against the best nine in the leagues.