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DATE OF EVENT: Saturday, June 16, 1923

DATE PUBLISHED: Sunday, June 17, 1923, in The Kansas City Star

Editor’s note: The opening of Fairyland Amusement Park at 75th and Prospect Avenue created a traffic jam. Fairyland advertised the “highest, fastest, longest, most thrilling ride in the world”— its Skyrocket roller coaster. The park would entertain Kansas Citians for more than 50 years before it closed in 1978.

A huge crowd attended the opening of Fairyland Amusement Park last night at Seventy-fifth street and Prospect avenue. The parking grounds were jammed with motor cars and for many blocks along Prospect avenue the police were kept busy keeping traffic moving.

Practically all those who attended went by way of Prospect avenue. Motor cars, traveling four abreast, massed about streetcars in what seemed hopeless confusion during the early part of the night. The police pointed out that if motor traffic would go south on the Paseo and west on Seventh-fifth street to the park the confusion would be avoided. Park employees at the gates advised this route on the return trip.

At the park the crowd seemed in a spending mood. The rides and larger concessions had long lines of persons before their ticket booths from opening to closing time. The large dance floor was filled to capacity and the balloons and pop bottles about the grounds gave evidence the smaller vendors were doing a good business.