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Families are the real foundation to company's success

Information Provided by Zerorez KC Carpet Cleaners

Old pals and now business partners, Joel Steed and Steve Phelps, are confident this is the way everyone in the industry will eventually be cleaning.
Old pals and now business partners, Joel Steed and Steve Phelps, are confident this is the way everyone in the industry will eventually be cleaning.

In today’s eco-friendly aware society, consumers are increasingly seeking out products, materials, services and companies that utilize cruelty-free and chemical-free practices and processes. Not only do these measures play a significant role in lowering our global carbon footprint, but they also help create healthier living environments.

The latter is at the core of everything they do at Zerorez KC Carpet Cleaners.

The Kansas City Zerorez franchise - one of 46 franchisees nationwide and the only one in the Kansas City metro area - is owned by Steve Phelps who partnered with Joel Steed, long-time high school friends who were so impressed by the cleaning process that they quit their jobs to go into business together.

"Traditional carpet and upholstery cleaners use a 'steam cleaning' method which mixes hot water with soaps and cleaning chemicals," Phelps explained. "The mixture is sprayed on the carpet or upholstery under pressure, and most of the liquefied soap, dirt and water is then removed with a vacuum. Since it is very difficult to rinse all that soap back out, as the soft surface dries and the water evaporates, soap and chemicals dry in the carpet fibers. This lingering residue acts as a dirt magnet and is the most common cause of accelerated re-soiling."

Zerorez, as in "zero residue," takes a new approach, using a special, patented Empowered Water™ that begins as regular tap water.

"Basically, we rely on chemistry, not chemicals," said Steed. "A high pH means the water is alkaline, similar to all the cleaning products under your sink. We start by taking tap water and put it through a water softener to remove any impurities. Sodium ions are then added, and the final solution is run through a generator, putting an electric charge through the water. The entire process takes place onboard each Zerorez service van, ensuring that the customer receives the highest quality cleaning solution at every visit."

The system works so well, that it extends the life of your carpets, area rugs, or upholstery since they stay cleaner longer. You can also get the same great results on hard surfaces like tile and grout. And because Zerorez does not use harsh chemical products, the process is safe for everyone, particularly those with allergies or environmental sensitivities, including children and pets that spend a great deal of time on the floor and carpeted areas.

In the almost four years Phelps and Steed have been in business together, they have earned an enviable list of loyal residential and commercial clients, including Sporting KC that utilizes the innovative Zerorez cleaning process in the continually high-traffic foot areas of their stadium.

Yet one of their biggest joys is in giving back. As such, all this month the company is hosting their first annual Food Drive for the Seton Center, a local social services organization.

To participate, customers simply schedule to have their carpets cleaned in three rooms for only $44 per room, give any size donation to the Zerorez technician at the time of service, and they'll clean your 4th room at no charge.

"We love Kansas City and take a great deal of pride in finding new and creative ways to give back to the community," said Phelps. "We'll show up to the home with a bag or a box, and the customer can donate whatever food items they would like. Some people will donate a few cans of food, while others will load up a box. You’d be surprised how fast a few donations can add up to a few thousand pounds of food in only a month."

According to Steed, the partners spent a great deal of time trying to find a good philanthropic fit that aligned with their company and family values. "This special promotion is really about asking the community to help us help the Seton Center," he said. "No matter what a customer gives, it will support a really great cause. And, they'll be able to save some money when we clean their 4th room for FREE!"



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