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Jim Lambie, left, started building at an early age. Here, his first project in middle school shows promise that would later morph into technique.
Jim Lambie, left, started building at an early age. Here, his first project in middle school shows promise that would later morph into technique.

Jim Lambie likes to work with his hands. And while that may seem obvious, given that he, along with his team at Lambie Custom Homes Inc., is one of the premier homebuilders and developers in southern Johnson County, his pure enjoyment of his craft is a welcome reminder to clients that the differences lie in the details.

Lambie found his love of fine woodworking early – middle school in fact. His first project was a clubhouse built out of scrap wood and found materials. While it may not have won any awards, the project sparked an interest. Throughout high school and college, he picked up extra work as a trim carpenter and built his skills at doing detail work, something that would carry him through until his business picked up.

Today, Lambie continues to hone his skills, attending conferences and seminars that spark the craftsman within and inspire him to include new details to any one of the company’s designs.

Truly custom finishes are just one of the things that set Lambie Custom apart. This continued education means that Lambie’s designs are often on the cutting edge of home design trends while being rooted in timeless quality construction as well. While classic aesthetics are second nature, the Lambie Custom team also loves incorporating newer trends such as cooler color stories in white and gray, modern details and seamless integration of most-wanted features, all based on conversations with the home buyer.

“We try to stay ahead of the curve. I am constantly changing my plans and coming up with new designs that makes our homes unique for our clients,” says Lambie. “I love talking to the buyers and getting into the details. That’s the fun part for me.”

Although Lambie Custom offers ranches, maintenance-free villas, 1.5 stories, reverse ranches and two-story options, within each model there is plenty of room for customization. Seldom do they build any one of their designs without making alterations to suit the client’s needs. At Lambie Custom, they enjoy the process of working directly with a client and architect to design and build a completely original house. Working with architects allows Lambie Custom to continue innovating and designing homes that are on the cutting edge of energy efficiency and user friendliness for people from all stages of life.

Lambie Custom Homes are primarily in southern Johnson County, but they can and have built throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. With prices ranging from the mid-$300s to $4 million plus, Lambie Custom homes are truly accessible to clients in any price range or stage of life.

One thing that sets Lambie Custom apart is Lambie’s continued involvement in development in his key areas of construction – Overland Park, Prairie Village, Lenexa and coming soon, the Crossroads. Through his longstanding involvement with the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City, he has been involved in developing the codes that builders, homeowners and officials depend upon for efficient, cost-effective and safe building.

In addition to being involved in HBA, Lambie holds a broker’s license and develops new projects as well. Through his land development and property management company, he’s always on the hunt for a great piece of land that holds the potential for a happy home. Lambie Custom doesn’t limit its scope to new neighborhoods either. Even established neighborhoods are great contenders for a tear down and rebuild to a client’s specifications, all while maintaining an aesthetic consistency with the surrounding areas.

What truly sets Lambie Custom apart is its commitment to personalized care. Jim Lambie meets with each potential client personally, learning likes and dislikes and finding the best solutions to the client’s unique housing needs. Through long-standing relationships with highly qualified subcontractors, Lambie Custom has a team of craftsmen that they trust but that doesn’t stop Lambie from doing site inspections and walk-throughs himself.

“It’s just a matter of pride in my work. I want each client to be completely happy with his or her new house. One of the things that I’m the most proud of is how many people come back to us after years in a Lambie home and tell me, ‘We loved working with you the first time. Let’s do it again.’ That kind of repeat business is how I know that we are doing a good job,” says Lambie.

Lambie Custom Homes Inc. is continuing to grow and change to meet the needs of the community, and Jim Lambie is just itching to get his hands in your dream home.

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