Easy do-it-yourself storage tips offer big solutions for small spaces

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The Sierra Group offers the fastest, most convenient way to sell one’s house “as is” for a fair price and on the date of the seller’s choosing.
The Sierra Group offers the fastest, most convenient way to sell one’s house “as is” for a fair price and on the date of the seller’s choosing. Getty Images

While the relief and freedom that comes with downsizing from a large house into a smaller home, condo, or apartment can feel exhilarating, those first few months can be challenging as well. Especially when now having to work with smaller and/or fewer storage options.

Whether sharing a small space or living alone, organizing your new living environment takes planning. The Sierra Group has several space-saving suggestions as you move into this new life phase.

“Helping buyers and sellers buy and sell a home is just one part of what we do,” said Ben Souchek, a principle of The Sierra Group, LLC. “Helping them adjust to their new surroundings is equally as important to us.”

That is one reason Souchek said he wrote “The Secrets to Downsizing,” which provides great information for not only anyone thinking of downsizing, whether or not they have done it before.

Souchek has also has come up with some great Do-It-Yourself tips for after you make a move. For example, being in a smaller space can make one feel a little claustrophobic. This can be addressed through creating an illusion of more space by placing decor high on the wall to bring the eye up, and by using large mirrors on empty spaces. If a little separation is desired, using light and sheer curtains creates private spaces without making the room feel more cramped, and lighter-colored furniture and decor will make the room feel bigger.

When dealing with all of today’s technology gadgets, people need to be mindful of proper storage for chargers, cords, and the like. Souchek suggests sticking strips of Velcro to the sides of shelving or entertainment centers to store things like remotes or power strips.

“I've been in the home buying business for more than 19 years, and I constantly try to do things to set my company apart and make us the best solution for someone downsizing,” Souchek said. “I set very high standards of professionalism and honesty for this business, and overall, sellers seem to really appreciate the benefits that we can offer, and for good reason.”

Bathrooms can be the most cramped room in the house. However, there are a few easy storage tips and tricks that can help.

“First, organize your items,” Souchek said. “Stick magnets to the insides of cupboards or under cabinets to easily store small metal items like tweezers, clippers, and scissors. Or, try using a spice rack to store small bottles of cosmetics like nail polish, and shoe organizers or magazine holders as storage for hair appliances and brushes.”

Not quite in your new smaller space and need some help? The Sierra Group is an expert in that area as well.

If you are looking to sell your home, whether due to downsizing, or because you’ve outgrown it, have accepted a job transfer, are experiencing financial difficulties or a health challenge, or other reason, The Sierra Group offers the fastest, most convenient way to sell one’s house, “as is,” for a fair price, and on the date of the seller’s choosing.

The company can help take care of any needed repairs, allowing sellers to leave behind anything they can’t or do not want to take with them, utilizing private funds to close escrow when it is convenient for the seller, moving flexibility, and no commissions or closing costs.

“Every buyer and seller is different,” said Souchek, “so we address our concern for the individual by visiting with our clients, learning about their goals, and how we can help with the moving process. The transition should be painless, and we’re interested in helping through as many steps of the process as we can.”

According to Souchek, providing honest solutions and solving any problems that arise during a purchase or sale is paramount. “Unfortunately, there are a number of companies out there that are not so transparent, or do not provide much information to the parties involved. We do everything we can to set ourselves apart in the market.”

Souchek and his team work with a large number of real estate agents who specialize in, and/or have knowledge about a wide array of residential options. “It’s critical to have access to the resources that will make the process as easy as possible,” he said. “We’ll use our network to get you in touch with the information you need, and can assist you every step of the way!”

For additional information about how The Sierra Group can help you with your home selling needs, contact Ben Souchek at bensoucheck@gmail .com. You can also check out the company website, HomeDownsizing, or call 800-309-0753.

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