Hometown couple buys houses in 3 days or the date of your choice

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Stacy and Jon Bichelmeyer, owners of Archway Homes, buy pretty homes, ugly homes and everything in between to renovate and resell.
Stacy and Jon Bichelmeyer, owners of Archway Homes, buy pretty homes, ugly homes and everything in between to renovate and resell. The Kansas City Star

Do you have an unwanted home that you’d like to sell? Jon Bichelmeyer’s company, Archway Homes, helps sellers who want or need to sell a home without going through the often drawn out, and sometimes painful and stressful, selling process.

To support these sellers, Archway Homes buys homes in any condition: pretty houses needing little to no repair, ugly houses needing everything repaired from leaking roofs to bad foundations, cluttered houses, or houses in need of cosmetic updating. Bichelmeyer is a hometown investor who can make you an offer and complete the sale in as little as three days or set a closing on the date of your choice.

Archway Homes’ owners, Jon and Stacy Bichelmeyer, have almost 20 years of experience buying homes in all sorts of conditions. They will work directly with the home’s owners or with the owner’s real estate agent to ensure a smooth process that benefits everyone. In fact, Jim Wilson, team leader of Jim Wilson & Associates with ReeceNichols, recently worked with the Bichelmeyers on two of his listings.

One of those was a rental house owned by Wilson’s mother. “This house needed work and would have been difficult to sell because it wouldn’t have passed inspections,” he explained. “I checked with several different companies that buy houses ‘as is’ and Archway Homes gave me the best value. In fact, Jon gave me a little more than he originally bid to help with the situation.”

Wilson also worked with Archway Homes when selling a house for a client. This house needed $10,000 to $20,000 worth of renovation if it were going to sell conventionally, so Wilson suggested to his client that they call Archway Homes for a faster sale at a price reflecting the amount of work that needed to be done.

“It was an easy process that took about a day,” Wilson said of this transaction. “Jon is realistic in the prices he offers. He knows the market, what a home is worth ‘as is’ and what it will be worth after it’s renovated. He can offer a higher value because he has his own team of people that do the renovations.”

Jon and his wife, Stacy, have lived in the community for over 40 years and built Archway Homes as an alternative to the traditional home-selling process. All their sellers are offered a fair price and a quick close. Jon is a hometown third-generation real estate investor, following the career of his father and grandfather. Archway Homes has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

“I’ve been buying houses, fixing them up and selling to homeowners in the metro area for close to 20 years,” Jon said. “I have been buying houses long before HGTV inspired the new investors in town. My sellers and buyers know that I’ve been investing in our community for my entire adult life and I continue to do so. The investors from Nebraska, California, Florida, etc. aren’t personally invested here like I am. They will be gone when the next hot market beckons, but I’m not going anywhere.”

Archway Homes offers a no-obligation offer process. The first step is to call the office at 913-599-5000 to schedule an appointment. Jon will then walk through the home and can provide an offer price within 24 hours. Archway Homes can pay cash and close within three days or a future date of your choice.

Jon and Stacy, the parents of three very active boys, understand busy schedules and can relate to the struggles sellers face. “Our goal is to serve the seller and make the process simple and easy. I know how much I appreciate businesses that follow through and do whatever is in their power to make my life less complicated. Selling a property can be stressful for some people and it is our job to remove the obstacles and complications from the process,” Stacy said.

Sellers believe that their property is a unique situation. They might be surprised! Archway Homes has purchased houses in all sorts of situations. Sometimes they are inherited properties, filled with clutter that would be difficult for the heirs to clean out. They also purchase rental properties, vacant and occupied, when the owner no longer wants to be a landlord; in fact, they have purchased multiple rentals from the same owner at the same time.

Anyone who wants to sell a home quickly for cash should call Jon Bichelmeyer at 913-599-5000 or email him at Or they can visit Archway Homes’ website at to fill out an online form or to get a free report on how “Sell Your Home in Three Days.”

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