Sell Your Home “As Is” in as Little as 3 Days with Archway Homes

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Integrity, authenticity and a hometown connection draw sellers to Archway Homes.
Integrity, authenticity and a hometown connection draw sellers to Archway Homes. Judy Revenaugh

In this somewhat “I want it yesterday” world that we live in, there are several things that most of us would undoubtedly love to be a speedy process – like a root canal or driving in traffic.

Selling your home can be a quick—and painless—experience as well with Archway Homes.

Owned by husband and wife team Jon and Stacy Bichelmeyer, Archway Homes buys houses “As Is” in any condition: pretty houses needing little to no repair, ugly houses needing everything repaired from leaking roofs to bad foundations, cluttered houses, or houses in need of cosmetic updating. They do so by providing a no-obligation offer within 24 hours, can pay cash and close within three days or on a future date of the seller’s choice, and there are no fees or commissions to pay .

The ability to sell quickly to an established and reputable company like Archway Homes that has a very long and successful track record, has been the perfect solution for many Kansas City area homeowners. Judy and David are among them.

“The home we were selling belonged to my in-laws, and they had been there for 70 years,” Judy said. “One of them was in nursing home, so that was very hard. And when we looked around at all that would need to be done to fix up the house to sell, it was just too much, and we were getting too old to do it.”

The couple initially spoke with a private investor who seemed very interested, “but after 6 months of talking back and forth, he never came through,” she said.

After seeing an article about Archway Homes in the newspaper, they decided to give them a call.

“I showed the article to my husband, we called on a Tuesday, Jon came out to meet with us and see the house on Wednesday, he wrote us a contract right then, and we had the money within a week. It was pretty short and sweet!”

The traditional selling process includes doing any extensive or expensive renovations to make your home more appealing, having it ready to show at a moment’s notice, waiting for the right buyer and the closing, and paying a real estate agent’s commission or seller’s closing costs. With Archway Homes, the homeowner does not have to worry about any of these things.

“Selling a property can be a stressful process, whether due to downsizing, a job transfer, death of a loved one, illness, because you are facing foreclosure, or some other reason,” said Jon, a third-generation real estate investor with roots in the Kansas City community for over 40 years. “Our experience has given us the ability to alleviate any stress or hassles for the homeowner. Once we sign a contract with them, we take care of the rest, from title work, to switching over the utilities, and everything in between. The whole process is in our hands.”

Archway Homes does all they can to make sure it’s a ‘win, win’ for both parties.

“We started doing this long before HGTV inspired the new investors in town,” Jon said, “and pride ourselves on taking the time to sit with you and listen to your needs and goals for the future. We don’t just come in, make you an offer, then write up the paperwork and leave.”

Judy and David are very happy with the overall experience.

“This was so quick and easy, and we couldn’t say enough good things about it,” said Judy. “For anyone who thinks, ‘Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, selling like this can’t really be done,’ it’s exactly what [Jon] said. We thought he was very fair with his offer, and they did just what they said they would do. I love to do business with people who follow through with what they say.”

To that Stacy added, “We do everything we can to help our sellers make as easy a transition as possible. This is one of the reasons why we tell people, with us, selling your house ‘As Is’ never felt this good!”

For more information about selling your home quickly for cash, call Jon Bichelmeyer at 913-599-5000 or visit Archway Homes’ website at to fill out an online form or to get a free report on how “Sell Your Home in Three Days.”

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