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The House Buyers KC team — Chad Lower (left), Katie Mason and Kyle Walchshauser — recently worked with a Lee’s Summit seller who simply wanted a faster, easier alternative to the traditional real estate process before relocating to Texas.
The House Buyers KC team — Chad Lower (left), Katie Mason and Kyle Walchshauser — recently worked with a Lee’s Summit seller who simply wanted a faster, easier alternative to the traditional real estate process before relocating to Texas. Rebecca Sharp

Real estate transactions don’t have to be prolonged, complex or unnecessarily costly. Instead, House Buyers KC takes a different approach to residential real estate, one that simplifies and expedites the sale or purchase to the benefit of all involved parties.

House Buyers KC works with a variety of sellers who share one commonality: they want to sell their home quickly. Perhaps they’ve lived in a home for years, they inherited the home, used it as a rental property or simply need to move quickly due to a change in circumstances such as a job transfer.

A Lee’s Summit family recently reached out to House Buyers KC after they decided to relocate to Texas. They wanted to quickly sell their brick farmhouse and surrounding acreage.

“We needed to move quickly and House Buyers KC was on our list of people to call,” said the client, Jim, in a House Buyers KC testimonial. “After having met with them, they were the only people we picked.”

Once a prospective client reaches out to House Buyers KC, the team meets with the homeowner to better understand any current challenges or considerations, then conducts a thorough evaluation of the property.

“We take a look at the condition of the property, including the roof, siding, windows and doors—essentially a full exterior evaluation,” said Chad Lower, manager and licensed real estate agent with House Buyers KC. “We then examine the interior, including the condition of the walls, floors and paint. We look for any upgrades, updates or repairs that need to be done, then we calculate an estimate.”

With that estimate, the House Buyers KC analyzes the surrounding neighborhood to determine the selling price of similar homes. The repair costs, holding costs, and profit are then subtracted from that figure, which results in the seller’s offer.

Part of the appeal of House Buyers KC’s approach is speed. Consider the average home listing, which might be on the market for 30 to 60 days. Factor in closings that can easily surpass 45 days, and it’s no wonder that home sales can unexpectedly fall through due to a variety of factors, leaving both the buyer and the seller scrambling for alternatives.

Instead, sellers are confident that they’re working with a qualified, efficient team that keeps each seller’s best interests top of mind. That approach has resonated with both buyers and sellers, prompting Lower to expand the team.

House Buyers KC welcomed Kyle Walchshauser, sales acquisition, in February. Since then, Walchshauser’s hit the ground running, excited by an opportunity to work in a field that he admired from afar.

“Real estate has always been a passion of mine, and it’s been a great learning experience and a fun atmosphere,” he said.

Katie Mason joined House Buyers KC as an office admin in December. A longtime fan of home improvement and renovation shows like “Fixer Upper,” she’s loved learning more about the House Buyers KC process, especially home updates and repairs.

“It’s a small company, so we all wear different hats,” she said. “I’ve had an opportunity to learn so much about the business, and with so much always happening, it’s an exciting place to work.”

The company also prides itself on an unwavering commitment to each seller, working with them to understand and overcome their specific challenges. Because House Buyers KC purchases homes in any condition for cash, there are no commissions to pay, no appraisals, no waiting for buyer financing and no repairs or renovation. The process typically moves much more quickly, too, rather than burdening sellers with unnecessarily complex transactions.

No matter the scenario, the House Buyers KC team takes time to understand each seller’s situation, then guides them through the remaining timeline to ensure they’re pleased with the outcome.

“We want everyone to feel happy about the decision they’ve made,” Mason said. “We enjoy working with people and their families and do whatever we can to make it a smooth transition.”

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