The Sierra Group, LLC offers a wide range of personal, customizable home selling and downsizing services

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Ben Souchek and his expert team place great emphasis on offering customizable options that can be tailored to fit a buyer or seller’s unique situation, needs and desires.
Ben Souchek and his expert team place great emphasis on offering customizable options that can be tailored to fit a buyer or seller’s unique situation, needs and desires. iStock

For homeowners looking to sell and downsize into a smaller home, the process, particularly for seniors, can be very daunting

There’s a research and paperwork process to listing with a realtor. Then there may be a laundry list of repairs and/or upgrades necessary to help make the home appeal to today’s buyers. After that, the homeowner needs to keep the home ready “in model condition” to show at a moment’s notice. This is followed by the hope that the right buyer comes along, that everything passes inspections, that closing goes off without a hitch, and, finally, paying the seller’s closing costs and real estate agent’s commission.

That’s a lot of work for even the most savvy and organized homeowner.

But there is another way with The Sierra Group, LLC which offers the fastest, most convenient way to sell one’s house, “As Is,” for a fair price, and on the date of the seller’s choosing.

The Sierra Group offers a wide range of personal, customizable services, available whether you are moving due to downsizing, because you have outgrown the home you are in, you’ve accepted a job transfer, are experiencing financial difficulties or a health challenge, or some other reason.

“In a world where services and products are becoming more and more one-size-fits-all, it’s increasingly important to be unique,” said Ben Souchek, a principle of The Sierra Group. “As a licensed realtor, and working with other realtors in different markets for over 20 years, what I’ve found is that real estate is certainly not a one-size-fits-all operation. That is why we offer customizable options that can be tailored to fit a buyer or seller’s unique situation, needs and desires.”

That wide range of personal, customizable services is available through the company’s service called Home Downsizing Solutions, which provides the seller with additional benefits like taking care of any needed repairs, buying their house right away by utilizing private funds to close escrow when it is convenient for the seller up to 90 days, no commissions or closing costs, and allowing them to leave behind anything they can’t or do not want to take with them.

According to Souchek, there are a lot of moving and transition servicers out there that can help with the “traditional” aspects of preparing for a move, including organizing, packing and unpacking your belongings, getting rid of unwanted items through an estate sale, auction, donation, and/or consignment, taking an inventory and measuring your furniture to be sure it will fit in your new place, and so forth.

“Some of these companies do a really great job in these areas, but most people don’t realize what this involves until they get into the process. And the costs can add up very quickly,” Souchek said. “So, we include a moving allowance of up to $1,000 to help defray the costs of these services for the seller, if needed. There is a lot to be said about the ‘costs’ of a great deal of stress, anxiety, and physical exhaustion — things that you can’t really put a price on. We tell people that selling their home to us is more beneficial than they may initially think it is.”

Souchek and his team also work with a strong network of real estate agents who specialize in, and/or have their ears to the grindstone around new home communities, apartments, condos, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and other residential options.

“With our unique Home Downsizing Solutions entity, we’ve essentially created a concierge downsizing atmosphere in which the agents I work with can assist the individual with finding the space that’s right for them in a multitude of different ways,” Souchek said. “Our goal is to relieve the seller of as many burdens as we can, allowing them to more fully focus on their future dreams and goals. It has been very exciting to see people making their downsizing transition with more ease and peace of mind as a result.”

If you are thinking about downsizing this year and want more information about how The Sierra Group can help you with your home selling needs, contact Ben Souchek at or Toll Free at 855-291-5005. You can also request their FREE Downsizing Kit, valued at $147, and check out the company website —

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