Inspired Homes creates new role to keep pace with changing buyer’s journey

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Whitney O’Reilly recently stepped into a newly created role at Inspired Homes: New Home Advisor. She’ll work with prospective homebuyers to match them to the Inspired Homes community and floor plan that best fit their needs.
Whitney O’Reilly recently stepped into a newly created role at Inspired Homes: New Home Advisor. She’ll work with prospective homebuyers to match them to the Inspired Homes community and floor plan that best fit their needs.

When you’re in need of a new product or service, do you find yourself increasingly going online to learn more before making a purchase? If so, you’re not alone. A report from global research and advisory firm, SiriusDecisions, found that 67 percent of a buyer’s journey is now completed digitally.

Kansas City-based builder, Inspired Homes, hasn’t just noticed that technology-enabled shift; they’re also making changes to more proactively serve prospective buyers. The company recently announced the creation of the New Home Advisor role, a market expert that will match prospective homebuyers with Inspired Home communities to ensure they find the community and floor plan that’s the best fit.

Whitney O’Reilly, formerly the community manager at Inspired Homes’ Kensington Farms, recently stepped into the new role, a natural fit with her love of real estate.

“When I first became a real estate agent, I realized I was passionate about new homes,” she said. “In this new role, I’ll assist each person with finding the best home in the best area and ensure our guests get the most seamless experience possible when building with Inspired Homes.”

As the New Home Advisor, O’Reilly’s responsibilities combine a mix of marketing, sales and relationship building. When prospective customers reach out to Inspired Homes online—whether through the website, on social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, or through digital ads—they’ll receive prompt follow-up from O’Reilly, who is available seven days a week.

From there, O’Reilly will talk with a prospective buyer to understand their needs, what they’re looking for, their budget and other considerations. Then, she’ll use that information—combined with her extensive knowledge of each Inspired Homes community—to make the best recommendation for each guest.

Yet the communication doesn’t end there. O’Reilly helps guests understand the homebuying and building process and is there to walk each guest through their buying and building journey. This sort of personalized attention and assistance plays a significant role in providing an optimal guest experience.

“This role is a huge part of the homebuying and building journey for our guests,” said Melanie Osterhaus, Director of Marketing and Communications, Inspired Homes. “We want them to have someone they can connect with that they know will have the information they need and can help them get to the next phase of their journey.”

O’Reilly’s role as New Home Advisor will be particularly helpful to one buyer segment: those relocating to Kansas City. Not only will she help them select the best Inspired Homes community and floor plan; she can also help improve their knowledge of the Kansas City area, equipping them with the information to more quickly adjust to their new home.

The creation of the New Home Advisor role is one of many exciting changes that Inspired Homes has made so far this year—including a new collection of floor plans and interactive technology rollout—and also solidifies the company’s commitment to a superior guest experience.

“The foundation of our company is a business that serves our customers’ needs, so with that in mind, we try to manage our business with that as the focus,” said Todd Lipschutz, President, Inspired Homes. “We saw, for instance, the need for technology in homebuilding, and we’ve integrated that into our business. We’ve also looked at the way people purchase and asked ourselves what we can do to enhance that experience.”

In our market, that sort of customer commitment helps Inspired Homes stand out. For Inspired Homes, creating an exemplary customer experience isn’t a value-add; it’s a business imperative. And that includes a willingness to proactively shift the company’s process to better align with evolving buying habits and customer expectations.

“We’re in the age of Amazon,” Lipschutz said. “Customers want instant feedback and communication, and we want to be responsive to those needs.”

O’Reilly’s role as New Home Advisor also underscores another Inspired Homes priority: customer education.

“We want someone to be there and ready to help anyone who’s interested in building a new home, even if they don’t know where or what plan they want,” Osterhaus said. “We want to help them through their journey—that’s our focus. We’re here to help educate our guests to make the process easy, enjoyable and seamless.”

As O’Reilly settles into her new role, she’s excited about the opportunities ahead.

“This is such a great opportunity,” she said. “I’m grateful to be working with a caring and professional team that’s passionate about building people’s dreams. With our focus on the customer experience, this is a critical position to have in the homebuilding business.”

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