Selling your house as-is never felt this good

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Integrity, authenticity and a hometown connection draw sellers to Archway Homes.
Integrity, authenticity and a hometown connection draw sellers to Archway Homes.

With roots in the Kansas City community for over 40 years, Jon and Stacy Bichelmeyer with Archway Homes have wide-ranging experience buying homes in any condition: pretty houses needing little to no repair, ugly houses needing everything repaired from leaking roofs to bad foundations, cluttered houses, or houses in need of cosmetic updating. And they can buy them quickly, in as little as three days for cash, in their “As Is” condition.

There are many reasons why someone may want to forgo the traditional home selling process. These include downsizing, due to a job transfer, facing foreclosure, and divorce, just to name a few.

According to Jon, a third-generation real estate investor, his extensive experience really makes a difference. “I’ve been buying houses, fixing them up and selling to homeowners in the metro area for close to 20 years,” he said. “We started doing this long before HGTV inspired the new investors in town.”

For Cathy Sayles, it was a combination of life circumstances. She had a large, beautiful home north of the river which she had enjoyed living in for many years. Unfortunately, she became completely disabled, which limited her mobility. After her husband passed away, she could no longer keep up with the regular maintenance needed to take care of the house. That’s when she called Archway Homes.

“My mother had seen an article about Archway Homes in the paper, and stopped by their offices one day,” Sayles recalled. “I had looked into those types of cash buyers over the years, but never found anything at that level of service. We were just so impressed we didn’t see a need to check with anyone else.”

The level of service to which Sayles referred encompasses, in addition to buying your home in as little as three days for cash or closing on the date of your choice, taking care of any extensive and/or expensive renovations to make your home appeal to today’s buyers, and allowing you to leave anything you do not want or are unable to take with you.

At one point when Sayles was struggling financially, she had some people move in to help alleviate some of her expenses. “But they unfortunately trashed the house when they moved out,” she said, “and I was not physically able to get things out of the property as far as furniture and such, it was such a large house. I just really needed to be rescued and had no idea what to do. Quite honestly, the Bichelmeyers were a Godsend.”

Beyond the details of one’s individual selling situation, the traditional selling process involves having the home ready to show at a moment’s notice, waiting for the right buyer to come along, waiting even longer for it to close, or paying a real estate agent’s commission or seller’s closing costs. With Archway Homes, sellers can avoid all that hassle.

“Selling a property can be a stressful process,” Stacy said, “so we feel like our job is to remove any obstacles and complications. Our clients tell us that one of the things that makes the process less stressful is the ability to just pack up what they want, and walk away.”

When it came time for Sayles to move, she said Jon and Stacy were very accommodating with her schedule, and even helped with finding someone to move her belongings.

“I know there are so many other people out there who are desperate and have no way out,” Sayles said. “That was my situation and they gave me a way out. I don’t know what I would have done without the services that they provide.”

“We work hard to make sure it’s a ‘win, win’ for both parties,” said Stacy, “That’s why with us, selling your house ‘As-Is’ never felt this good!”

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