House Buyers KC: Sellers in challenging situations see success with local real estate investment company

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Once the House Buyers KC team buys a house, it makes repairs and updates, which often include modernizing the kitchen, pictured here.
Once the House Buyers KC team buys a house, it makes repairs and updates, which often include modernizing the kitchen, pictured here.

House Buyers KC is no stranger to working with homeowners in need of a quick sell, whether that’s due to a job transfer, declining health or financial difficulties. Yet sometimes, the circumstances around a sale can be more challenging than usual, something that House Buyers KC isn’t afraid to tackle head-on.

Chad Lower, House Buyers KC manager and licensed real estate agent, said a seller recently reached out to the company because he was going through a foreclosure. Lower met with the prospective seller on a Friday, with the foreclosure sale already scheduled for the following Friday.

“We toured the home, made him an offer and he accepted,” Lower said. “We worked quickly with our title company to verify all of the pay-offs and schedule the closing.”

House Buyers KC successfully closed on the house just one day before the foreclosure sale was scheduled. Once House Buyers KC buys a home, the team usually repairs, renovates and updates the house before reselling it. In this case, however, Lower said they made an exception to extend some much-needed flexibility to the previous homeowner.

“We did a lease-back with the seller so he could stay in the home for 30 more days and make arrangements to move,” Lower said.

This single anecdote not only demonstrates the effectiveness of the House Buyers KC process, but also speaks to the commit ment that the House Buyers KC team has to each seller and helping them through what’s often a difficult situation.

“We understand that life changes and that houses involve hassles and pressures that don’t always fit in with the big picture,” Lower said. “To simplify the selling process for you, our company works on your timeline, makes cash offers and embraces homes that are in need of repairs.”

Once a property is initially deemed a fit, the House Buyers KC team draws on expertise in home construction and real estate to estimate the cost of renovating it, thus helping to establish the offer to be extended to the client.

Many times the homes they buy need to be updated by modernizing the kitchens and bathrooms or taking out walls to provide the open flow that today’s buyers want. Other times, the home needs extensive repairs from the roof to the foundation, which might include exterior painting, driveway and sidewalk repairs, landscaping updates and more, all of which make a difference in how the home appeals to buyers.

In some situations, the need for extensive repairs might be the catalyst for a move. House Buyers KC recently worked with two homeowners who wanted to downsize and couldn’t keep pace with the repairs needed on their home, including a new roof.

After receiving a direct mail piece about House Buyers KC, the homeowners reached out to Lower for help and were thrilled with the resulting experience.

“We sold our house in three days,” said Daisy. “House Buyers KC has been wonderful.”

The homeowners are in the process of relocating to another city to be closer to family, free from the burden of struggling with home maintenance and upkeep. They plan to travel back to Kansas City to see the home once it’s been repaired and updated. And when they do, they promised something in return.

“When we get back here to see what they’ve done to this house, we’ll sing a song!” Daisy said.

House Buyers KC not only helps prospective sellers in need; the company also helps the surrounding community. Since House Buyers KC is a local company, all the money invested in buying, renovating and reselling the home stays in the Kansas City area.

And House Buyers KC benefits the metro area in other ways. By improving a home in disrepair in the neighborhood, it improves the neighborhood as a whole. Also, when the home is repaired, it sells for a higher value, thus helping to increase the potential value of the surrounding homes.

But the greatest benefit is to the home’s seller. Because House Buyers KC purchases homes in any condition for cash, there are no commissions to pay, no appraisals, no waiting for buyer financing and no repairs or renovation. The process typically moves much more quickly, too, rather than burdening sellers with unnecessarily complex transactions.

“House Buyers KC was very easy to work with during the closing process and we actually closed on this sale in less than two weeks,” said Larry S., who worked with House Buyers KC to sell his dad’s home. “We found them to be very professional and are pleased with how the sale turned out.”

Even if the house has a damaged roof, flooring problems, plumbing and electrical issues, incomplete remodeling or repairs, or termite damage House Buyers KC will take it off a seller’s hands.

“House Buyers KC is a local real estate solutions company that helps homeowners in challenging situations,” Lower said.

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