Wizard of Oz

Thanks to all the lions, witches, wizards and Dorothys of Guinness record attempt

From Munchkins to the Wizard of Emerald City!
From Munchkins to the Wizard of Emerald City! The Kansas City Star

The first Wizard arrived at 10 a.m., an hour before he needed to be there.

Joe Wood, of Belton, didn’t want to be late. He and his costumed entourage — which included his wife and granddaughter — also brought a homemade hot-air balloon basket tethered to red and white helium balloons.

Such was the spirit Saturday morning at Legends Outlets in Kansas City, Kan., where The Star hosted a Guinness World Record attempt to gather the most people dressed in “Wizard of Oz” costumes. The attempt was held in honor of the movie’s 75th anniversary this year.

In all, 259 adults and children came — far short of the 1,094 needed to break the current Guinness record. But the group was not short on enthusiasm and creativity. We were impressed by the number of green-faced witches, the male Dorothy, the talking tree and the Wizard of Emerald City.

Thanks to all who participated! We will run the group photo on Halloween day in The Star’s FYI section.