Wizard of Oz

FYI Caption Contest: Monkeying with ‘Oz’

We supersized our weekly FYI Caption Contest with five photos of Dorothy & Co. and were blown away by hundreds of entries from fun-loving readers.

Here are the winners, who each received a $25 gift card, and some of our favorites:


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The Witch


“Monkey, call that cable guy again. All we are getting is ‘The Wizard of Oz’!” (Jeffery Hale, Kansas City)


“Now you see why I want to get Netflix.” (Jennifer Beard, Kansas City, Kan.)

“Augh! Get that little brat off my smartphone!” (Mike Reed, Overland Park)

“Let’s straighten up for our guest. Make sure you mop the floors.” (Cecil Graham, Lenexa)

Dorothy suddenly regretted accepting the Wicked Witch as her Faceball friend. (John Stock, Kansas City)

“I told you my crystal ball was faster than Skype.” (Marion Walker Jr., Leavenworth)

“NO! I did not say, ‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall,’ and NO! You cannot keep her!” (Sue Rinne, Blue Springs)

“Go get her and don’t monkey around!” (Jim Buerky, Belton)

“Just wait till you see her in HD!” (Ken McClendon, Raytown)

“Great. She gets to be a movie star, and I get to clean up monkey poop.” (Mark Peavy, Kansas City)


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Dorothy and Toto


“I wish she’d get a boyfriend.” (Alan Schmelzle, Kansas City)


“Somewhere, over the rainbow. Wait, how would I know there’s a rainbow if I’m in black and white?” (Diane Frisbie, Independence)

“Look, Toto, an Ikea.” (Charles Schuler, Lenexa)

“Toto, has Kansas always been this color?” (Doreen Haughton, Overland Park)

“I didn’t sign up to sit here and listen to her sing. I thought this was a rescue movie!” (Courtney Thurston, Leawood)

“Toto, I don’t think we’re in Oz anymore!” (Chris Lander, Overland Park; others similar)

“Pipe down, Toto! This is a solo, not a duet.” (Doris Briggs, Prairie Village)

“If she sings that song one more time, I’m going to kick her into the tornado.” (Jeanine Wilson, Raymore)

“Don’t worry, Toto, we’ll be in color in just a few minutes.” (Tony Bradley, Parkville)


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Dorothy and Scarecrow


“Anyway, I’m not interested in your brain.” (Steve Hatfield, Liberty)


“Did you steal an ear of corn, or are you just glad to see me?” (Jane Swearngin, Kansas City)

“Meet me at the haystack later.” (Sally Stull, Lenexa)

“Thought you might want to know: Your barn door is open and I can see your straw.” (David Wagner, Lenexa; others similar)

“You’re right. I can see light coming through from the other side!” (Hugh Ryon, Kansas City)

“So you don’t have a brain. Most men don’t.” (Blair Tarr, Topeka)

“HAAAAY!” (Bobby Woolery, Peculiar, Mo.)

“Why don’t we just do away with the Wicked Witch the easy way. We’ll nominate her to take the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS!” (Scott Lakin, Kansas City)

Dorothy loved whispering into the Scarecrow’s ear just to hear the echo. (Dave Vanderwell, Olathe)

“We ran out of toilet paper. Can I borrow some straw?” (Vicki Saviano, Kansas City)


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The Lollipop Guild


The stars of “3 Half Men” await their time on the red carpet. (David Wagner, Lenexa)


After waiting 40 minutes, the Lollipop Guild finds out they can’t ride the Mamba. (Cecil Graham, Lenexa)

Buddy missed the memo about Plaid Shirt Friday. (L. Lanio, Lee’s Summit; others similar)

“I guess Mom was right about no smoking, huh?” (Ken McClendon, Raytown)

Guess which one grew up to be Curly. (Bart Altenbernd, Prairie Village)

“Say, are all the babes in this Kansas place as cute as you?” (Betty Marxsen, Kansas City)

“Hi, I’m Larry. This is my brother Darryl and that’s my other brother Darryl.” (Carter Hinkle, Kansas City)

“For a lousy $50 a week we don’t wear tights AND smile.” (Jane Albright, Kansas City)

“Our first demand: Give us the person who designed these clothes.” (Blair Tarr, Topeka)


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The Four Friends


“Whaddya mean our Framily plan’s been canceled?” (Pat Bullock, Platte City)


“What? The Royals are in first place?!” (Joel Whitaker, Leawood, and others)

“My Uncle Henry told me not to hang out with strangers, but they keep following me everywhere I go!” (Barbara Whited, Easton, Kan.)

“Look out, Mount Rushmore! All we need is a carver!” (Sherry Norfleet, Harrisonville)

“What do you mean ‘The movie’s been scrapped’? ” (Irene Goldstein, Overland Park)

“We thought Dorothy was crazy till this Wizard of Oz fellow started talking!” (Samantha Bennett, Gardner)

“Ooooh … the Witch IS wearing pink knickers!” (Norm Combs, Grain Valley)

“Glinda’s drone bubbles really are out of control!” (Ron Baxley Jr., Prosperity, S.C.)

“Where’d Ellen DeGeneres go? We’re ready for our selfie!” (Ron Green, Olathe)

The Four Horsemen of the Ozocalypse. (Jan Way, Shawnee)

“Yes, this is Kansas, and no, it’s not all flat!” (Terry McCord, Lawrence)

“Wow, I thought his voice sounded much taller!” (Loretta Krawczyk, Independence)

Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca. (Samuel Griffin, Stilwell, Kan.)

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