Wizard of Oz

What Kansans should say when someone cracks a ‘Wizard of Oz’ joke

So, is Kansas really in black and white? We’re sepia now.
So, is Kansas really in black and white? We’re sepia now. The Associated Press

You know that moment when you say you’re from Kansas City and someone in a fedora starts crooning about the “crazy little women there”?

It’s even worse on the Kansas side.

Dear not-Kansans: We’ve heard all these “jokes” before. And any other “Wizard of Oz” zinger you will ever come up with. Please stop.

Did you come here in a tornado?

Yep. Landed on your sister, sorry.

Where’s Dorothy?

She went back to pick some of those poppies.

You’re not in Kansas anymore!

(Extra-annoying if you’re someplace like Grand Island, Neb.) Nope. Nobody says that to me there.

Where’s Toto?

I don’t usually bring cairn terriers to job interviews/weddings/sports bars, etc.

So do you have an Auntie Em?

No, but I always wanted an Uncle Jesse.

What happens if you click your heels together three times?

You go get me another drink?

Does that make you the Wicked Witch?


Have you ever been in a tornado?

Tell your cool true-life tornado story here if you have one. Or, like most Kansans, admit you’ve never even seen one, even from a distance.

So, is Kansas really in black and white?

(A grown woman once asked me this with a straight face.) We’re sepia now.

What is the deal with your wacky state government?

Ah, yes, that. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. He may be floating out of here soon.

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