Wizard of Oz

The Star’s ‘Oz’ world record attempt and photo rescheduled

Joba Chamberlain showed how to be the mane man in 2007, when he pitched for the New York Yankees. He’s now a Tiger in the Detroit pen.
Joba Chamberlain showed how to be the mane man in 2007, when he pitched for the New York Yankees. He’s now a Tiger in the Detroit pen. AP


Scheduling conflicts have forced us to reschedule Saturday’s planned attempt to break a world record for gathering “Wizard of Oz” characters. We’ll try again later this fall, closer to Halloween.

But this will give you more time to whip up a costume for our big group photo.

Here are some easy DIY costume ideas, collected and cobbled from ideas on pinterest.com, ehow.com, care.com, parenting.com and others.


The keys here are a floppy-brimmed black hat, rope and some straw. If you have a witch’s hat, completely distress it and you’re in business. An oversized sweatshirt and sweat pants work for the clothes. No one’s the wiser if you wear an old long-sleeved shirt, flannel or a dark solid. Have any burlap or light brown or yellow fabric? That would look good, ripply, around the neck. Tie lengths of rope at your waist, wrists and ankles. Stuff or glue straw here and there. Light-colored work gloves would be a nice touch.

Tin Man

Three words: silver spray paint. Use it on poster board or bendy cardboard, shaped like a drum for the torso. Hang that on your shoulders with thick string. Do the same treatment for your arms and legs, stringing the pieces together. Or buy silver dryer ducts at the hardware store for the arms and legs. Paint a big plastic funnel for the hat. Punch holes in each side and tie it under your chin with silver ribbon.

Cowardly Lion

Think brown and furry. Search the closet or put out a call to friends for a brown sweatsuit or pajamas. Bonus for footie PJs. Make a long tail out of thick rope and fray the end. Hit the fabric or craft store for some faux fur, and fashion it into a hood for a mane. Or make a mane out of a headband and lots of brown yarn. Now brown up your face and use black eyeliner pencil to draw whiskers.


Two ponytails tied with blue ribbon and a picnic basket with a stuffed dog peeking out. Boom. But wait, you’re not quite there yet. Ruby slippers are not optional, so paint an old pair of pumps or Mary Janes with glossy red paint or, better yet, glitter paint. Don’t forget light blue ankle socks with lace fringe. The dress? Everyone’s expecting blue-and-white gingham over a short-sleeved white blouse, so get creative with a thrift-store find or buy some plaid fabric and fashion a simple wrap-around skirt and bib top with safety pins. Make your cheeks rosy.


Need something even easier? The Wicked Witch is quickly knocked out with a tent dress of black fabric. That black graduation gown, the one you were forced to buy rather than rent, also works. Wear black pointy shoes, and buy a witch hat. Don’t forget the green face paint.

If you want to represent the Lollipop Guild, you can get away with almost anything as long as you’re carrying a giant lollipop. Colorful shorts and shirt and hair gelled up in funny shapes pretty much does the trick. Striped tights would be cool. And be sure to practice your sideways mouth. A Lullaby League member needs a pink ballerina costume with a pink cone-shaped hat that droops a bit at the top.

Weather events are practically characters in the story, so be a Tornado. Wrap black tulle around yourself in a funnel shape, or get fancier and first make a form out of chicken wire. Attach plastic farm animals and whatever other tornado-borne things you’d like. (No sharks, please.) Or a Rainbow. Think sandwich board, and the board part, poster board or cardboard, is cut in a classic rainbow shape, painted in rainbow colors.

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The Star is celebrating this month’s 75th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz” movie with a story every day.

Now that you have your costume …

… come help us try to set a world record on Saturday at the Kansas Speedway.

According to the Guinness World Records website, “the largest gathering of people dressed as characters from ‘The Wizard of Oz’” was 446, set in 2010 in England. In June, 1,150 fans of Oz and Judy Garland dressed up as characters from the film to break that record at the Judy Garland Festival in Grand Rapids, Minn.

Don your favorite Oz character get-ups and show up at the Kansas Speedway at 4:30 p.m. Saturday. The Star will take a group photo for the record books.

There will be raffles for prizes and, of course, lollipops. RSVP at wizardofozrecordbreaking.eventbrite.com or just show up!

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