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Surprises, wonderment abound in Robert Howsare show at Beggar’s Table

“Construction I Drawing III” is one of a number of new works by Robert Howsare in the exhibit “Interference” at Beggar’s Table Church and Gallery.
“Construction I Drawing III” is one of a number of new works by Robert Howsare in the exhibit “Interference” at Beggar’s Table Church and Gallery.

Emerging artist Robert Howsare expands on his self-described, ongoing fascination with the “themes of possibility and wonderment within every material” in “Interference,” an impressive exhibit of new work at Beggar’s Table Church and Gallery.

Howsare, a Kansas City Art Institute alumnus, has been exhibiting locally and nationally since completing his master of fine arts degree in printmaking from Ohio University in 2012. On his return to Kansas City, he was awarded a 2012-13 Charlotte Street Foundation Urban Culture Project Studio Residency.

His exhibit at Beggar’s Table features an installation and prints. Entering the gallery, the viewer first encounters “Stria,” a series of three two-dimensional relief prints. At first glance, the works have a minimalist aspect. When approached more intimately, one finds each seemingly monochromatic print is unique in hue, the pieces ranging in shades from gray to rose to earthy taupe. The continuity of the series lies in the delicate rosette pattern shared by all.

From here one is drawn further into the gallery, following a horizontal series of lights streaming outward across the gallery floor from a hidden alcove to the left. The effect is both hypnotic and inviting. The lights themselves first draw the viewer in, but what the eyes will meet next steals the show.

Installed in the alcove and framed by more projecting white lights is Howsare’s latest installation, “Rift.” The oversized piece, constructed out of large strips of hot pink ribbon, has an aesthetic that is sturdy, yet flirty and playful, evoking immediate delight.

Viewers might be surprised to find that upon inspection, this magical-looking structure is fabricated out of ordinary construction flagging, fastened to the walls with staples. The installation’s deceptive elegance comes forth with humor, a perfect example of Howsare’s “fascination with the possibilities of materials, constants and variables.”

In “Interference,” a series of five distinct serigraph with relief prints for which the exhibit is titled, Howsare’s characteristically whimsical, playful aesthetic comes forth again.

These lively, abstract compositions of multicolored, zigzag patterned, eye-provoking imagery contain a rush of excitement, all vibrating with an exuberant energy while neatly restrained in their two-dimensional, glass-encased framings.

On exhibit

“Interference by Robert Howsare” continues at Beggar’s Table Church and Gallery, 2010 Baltimore Ave., through Dec. 31. Gallery hours are by appointment only. For more information, call 913-558-9039.