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New dystopian TV show is called 'Kansas City' — but it will be filmed in Atlanta

Though the show is called "Kansas City," it won't be filmed there.
Though the show is called "Kansas City," it won't be filmed there. File photo

Kansas City will soon become the center of a dystopian society, divided by a Berlin Wall-esque line that separates liberal and conservative states.

Or, at least it will on Hulu.

The streaming site has ordered a pilot run for “Kansas City,” which will begin filming this month in Atlanta, a haven for film tax breaks.

Producers from Amblin Television — the studio behind “The Americans” and "ER" — came to Kansas City around a month ago to get a feel for the area, said Stephane Scupham, the city's film commissioner.

“After I found out they were here, I emailed the Amblin partners and invited them to come back to KC for research. I offered to host the writers’ room and just be available,” she said. “(We want to help) make Kansas City real, even though the show is set in the future and may not be recognizable to us. Anything named 'Kansas City' is going to be great for us, even if we don’t get the production.”

Unlike Georgia, neither Missouri nor Kansas offers incentive programs, such as a rebate, grant or tax credit.

So, for example, the 2014 Reese Witherspoon film "The Good Lie," about Sudanese refugees settling in Kansas City, was filmed in the Atlanta area, though some background scenes showed the KC skyline.

Studio 30 in Olathe hosted the red carpet premiere of "The Good Lie" in 2014. The movie is about the Lost Boys of the Sudan with several Kansas City residents portraying refugees.

Scupham said Atlanta will be a serviceable alternative but that it is “always disappointing” when the area doesn’t get to host large productions.

“We’re assuming this will be a high-quality program,” she said. “We really hope that the future for us is (productions) can work here, they can stay here. We’re not trying to be Hollywood, but we would like to have content here actually film here.”

A Hulu representative said the show is only one pilot episode at this point. A cast list is not available.But, according to, the production is seeking extras ages 18-25 to play students in high school. The actors need to have experience handling guns.

This is, after all, a dystopia.