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Area restaurants, grocers cited for health-code violations

The Kansas Department of Agriculture cited these restaurants for six or more critical health code violations. Most critical violations are corrected at the time of the inspection.

•  Aloha Chopstix, 4316 Rainbow Blvd., Kansas City, Kan., had eight critical violations during an Oct. 12 inspection following a complaint. They included: No cleanser at the hand sink in the food prep area, and raw chicken stored above cooked pork in food prep area (raw chicken relocated).

The manager said the violations have been corrected.

•  Carniceria San Juan, 9645 W. 87th St., Overland Park, had nine critical violations during an Oct. 5 routine inspection. They included: Dried food debris on blade cover of mechanical slicers and other food contact surfaces, and no provisions for drying hands in the employee restroom.

Restaurant officials could not be reached for comment.

•  China Star Super Buffet, 9421 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park, had nine critical violations during an Oct. 1 inspection following a complaint. They included: Noodles, cut cabbage, and rice held at improper temperatures, and 15 live roaches on the floor of the secondary food prep line and over 200 dead roaches observed throughout the restaurant including food prep areas, dry storage areas, the dining area and employee restrooms.

“I dispute some of those comments on the report. I have been in business for so long and the public is always our priority,” said Cathy Steckelberg, owner. “I have a weekly pest control service and we train our employees to have more knowledge about handling food.”

•  Cosentinos Price Chopper, 3700 W. 95th St., Leawood, had seven critical violations during an Oct. 1 routine inspection. They included: The microwave in the deli kitchen had “significant” amounts of dried food debris, and box of raw bacon was stored on top of a box of fully cooked ham slices (bacon relocated).

•  Cosentinos Price Chopper, 22210 W. 66th St., Shawnee, had 11 critical violations during an Oct. 9 routine inspection. They included: Ham, roast beef, cooked eggs, cut tomato, feta cheese and other foods were sitting out at improper temperatures (some items discarded, some moved to cooler), and two containers of eggs with a prep date of Oct. 7 and a discard date of Oct. 14 (discard date corrected).

A company official for the Price Chopper stores said all violations were corrected on-site in the presence of the inspector.

•  Mi Ranchito No. 4, 14154 W. 119th St., Olathe, had six critical violations during an Oct. 16 inspection following a complaint. They included: Raw ground beef was stored over raw cut peppers and onions (vegetables moved), and cut lettuce was held at improper temperatures (lettuce discarded).

“The safety of our customers is our utmost priority and all violations have been remedied immediately,” said Jennifer Bustos-Gomez, director of operations.

•  Royal Buffet, 8725 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park, had 11 critical violations during an Oct. 16 routine inspection. They included: Beef brisket at improper temperatures (discarded), and container of raw chicken stored over container of raw beef in cooler (raw meat relocated).

“We have corrected all of the mistakes and we keep the kitchen and restaurant super clean,” said Michael Xu, owner.

•  Sushi Gin, 9559 Nall Ave., Overland Park, had 11 critical violations during an Oct. 3 “shadow” inspection. They included: Salmon, octopus, shrimp and cream cheese held at improper temperatures, and rice stored in large grey trash can (unapproved for food storage).

A shadow inspection is a random follow-up inspection by a department supervisor to check the accuracy of the previous report. The restaurant was inspected on Oct. 2 and had three critical violations.

“I think we are a very clean establishment that takes care of everything we need to and if there are a few things that aren’t in compliance we are going to strive to take care of those,” said Rick Symmonds, general manager. “The inspector on Oct. 3 looked very unprofessional and I had to send her home to get her badge. Anyone who says they are a supervisor backing up their inspector I expect them to look professional.”

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The Environmental Health Division of the Jackson County Public Works Department cited these operations for three or more critical violations:

•  Eclipse Bar and Grill, 6512 Raytown Trafficway, Raytown, had three critical violations during an Oct. 17 inspection. They included: An employee drink and meal was on the cook’s line.

“All the violations were corrected immediately and the food that he was eating was not above any other food where it would have been contaminated,” said Ron Horne, co-owner.

•  Golden Eggroll, 1800 S. Missouri 7, Blue Springs, had four critical violations during an oct. 16 inspection. They included: Fried chicken and fried shrimp held at improper temperatures on the buffet.

The manager had no comment.

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