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Winstead’s steakburger is flat-out addictive

The Winstead's single steakburger with everything except cheese
The Winstead's single steakburger with everything except cheese

Sometimes you can have your steakburger and eat it, too.

That’s what Winstead’s offers in my book. Here you have a really terrific burger from a local restaurant with a tradition dating back to 1940


you can get it 24 hours a day from a drive-through window (at the Plaza location).

And there’s a dill pickle on the top: At the two locations I frequent the most, the original Plaza diner and the downtown Overland Park store on Metcalf, the drive-through service is lightning fast.

Throw in crazy low prices ($2.80 for a single with everything, including grilled onions, lettuce and tomato), and nine area locations, and I can’t think of a single reason to go to a national chain for beef on a bun.

Speaking of national chains, Winstead’s has been serving its chocolate frosty shake that you eat with a spoon longer than Wendy’s. This is the perfect summer to taste test it, if you’ve never had one.

Winstead’s steakburgers are of the smashed-flat on a grill variety that leaves juicy raggedy edges sticking out from the bun. I normally get the pickle, lettuce and tomato on my burger to be healthy, but when I’m feeling indulgent I stick to just the beef, grilled onions and mustard for a pure burger high.

The white buns are light, airy and flavorless, which is perfect. When a hamburger is really good, I don’t want any whole grain taste competing with the seared beef.

Although the drive-through is addictive for its speed, if you sit at the counter in the dining room on the Plaza, you’ll still get your burger in 10 minutes or less — with a side of fabulous late-deco, pink-neon-lit ambience.


101 Emanuel Cleaver Blvd. (and eight other locations)

816-753-2244 Facebook
Yes Hours

: Dining room 6 a.m.-midnight daily; drive-through 24 hours. Hours at other locations vary.


: Free and ample

Credit cards

: Yes

Don’t miss

: Single steakburger, $2.55

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