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Movie Mom: ‘Paddington,’ ‘Foxcatcher,’ ‘Spare Parts’

Information for parents deciding which movies are best for kids ages 2 to 18:


Why it’s rated PG: Sad (off-screen) death and some peril, including a taxidermist who wants to kill and stuff Paddington. Also: Characters use some mild language, comic mayhem and peril, some bodily function humor. A woman flirts with a man to get him to do what she wants. A man dresses as a woman for disguise, and another man finds him attractive. A character gets a security guard drunk so that other characters can break into a building.

Minimum age: 7.

Family discussion: Why did Mr. Brown change his views on taking risks when his daughter was born? Why doesn’t Mr. Curry like Paddington? Can you do a “hard stare,” and when would you use it?

If you like this, try: The Paddington books and the “Curious George” books and movies — and taste some marmalade!


Why it’s rated R: Tense and disturbing confrontations, some violence including murder, strong language, drinking, drugs.

Minimum age: Mature teens.

Family discussion: What was John hoping to achieve by sponsoring wrestlers? How did he feel about Mark? How did he feel about Dave? Why?

If you like this, try: “Capote” and “Reversal of Fortune.”

“Spare Parts”

Why it’s rated PG-13: Some teen crime including armed robbery, violence including bullying, some strong language and tense family confrontations, teen kissing.

Minimum age: Middle school.

Family discussion: What was the team’s most difficult challenge? Who was the teacher who inspired you the most and why?

If you like this, try: “Stand and Deliver,” “Lean on Me” and “The Great Debaters.”

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