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Dashing to the show: Five big films open on Christmas Day

Once you have opened the presents, eaten a big meal and had your fill of football — and your out-of-town relatives — what else is there to do? Go to the movies, of course. Besides the much-discussed comedy “The Interview,” there are several much-anticipated films that open on Christmas Day. The Star has reviews of each by Robert W. Butler, Jon Niccum and Loey Lockerby. Click the links below to read the reviews:

Robert W. Butler: Benedict Cumberbatch plays ‘The Imitation Game’ brilliantly: 3.5 stars

Robert W. Butler: ‘Unbroken’ is a great survival story in a pretty good movie: 3 stars

Loey Lockerby: Tim Burton’s ‘Big Eyes’ feels a bit too small: 2.5 stars

Jon Niccum: ‘Into the Woods’ grows dark and impenetrable: 2 stars

Jon Niccum: ‘The Gambler,’ starring Mark Wahlberg, is a shaky bet: 2 stars